TumLove Protein - Easy to Digest & Bloat Free

If protein powder upsets your stomach, you are not alone! 70% of Americans suffer from some form of gut trouble. TumLove protein is free of gut irritants and is perfect for staying energized, building and repairing muscle, and living a healthier life. We do all this without sacrificing great taste or texture!

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The TumLove Difference

Simple Ingredients

8 Simple Ingredients, No B.S.

No Bloating or Gas

Say goodbye to bloating & gas.

Easy to Digest

Clean ingredients that aid digestion.

Delicious Taste

Delicious taste & smooth texture.




Zero Sugar


Why Are Thousands Of People Choosing TumLove?

Other Brands

No Bloating

No Added Sugar

No Dairy, Gluten, Soy

Low FODMAP Certified 

No Artificial Sweeteners

Happy Tummy Guarantee

If it hurts your tummy, get a full refund on your money! No questions asked.

Guts That Give Back

$1 is donated for every order placed to support and fund research for various gut-health-related organizations.