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Understands My Needs

“ Most brands and products absolutely kill my stomach, leaving me bloated and in pain. TumLove truly understands my needs. I couldn't recommend them more! ”

Alex B.

What Makes Us Special?

Kiss Bloating Goodbye

Reduce bloating, cramps, and general stomach discomfort caused by products that don’t understand your delicate gut needs.

Tummy Friendly

Gluten-free, Vegan, and ZERO sugar alcohols means a delicate gut stays happy.

Lowfodmap Certified

TumLove products are low-fodmap certified by Monash University. Fodmaps are the ingredients that can aggravate sensitive guts. Bye-bye fodmaps!

Ingredients You’ll Love

A short ingredient list means only the good stuff’s inside. Our ingredients won’t trigger stomach and gut discomfort.

Tastes Yummy

Our delightfully tasty TumLove products are designed to support sensitive guts, without sacrificing great taste or texture. Chocolate, anyone? Yum!

Free of Dietary Triggers

Zero Sugar Alcohols
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Guts that Give Back

Guts that Give Back

We’re putting your orders to work by donating $1 for every order sold to gut-health related charities to support research and community outreach. We’re all in this together, gut lovers!

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